Announcing the GlobeDX

Why GlobeDX is Special

What Coinbase is for spot trading, GlobeDX is for crypto derivatives. Its exchange enables anyone to trade futures products on a high-performance platform that’s been designed to meet the needs of institutional users. This means a best-in-class trading engine with ultra-low latency and high throughput.

GlobeDX Solves Problems

Globe has been designed to overcome a number of key problems that are inherent to existing crypto derivatives exchanges:

  • Lack of innovation. Globe is the first venue to offer bitcoin VIX futures and one of the first to introduce DeFi perpetuals.
  • Difficult to use.
  • Prone to suffering service degradation during peak times, disadvantaging traders.
  • Suboptimal custody with a lack of proper institutional protections.
  • Lack of serious API support.

The $GDT Token

The native GolbeDx token — GDT has been created with the aim of supporting the long-term safety and integrity of Globe’s markets, and improving growth, and bringing a more refined and enjoyable experience for the end-user.

  • Discount on trading fees of 5–20% depending on the amount of GDT held.
  • Staking to earn a Globe Rewards boost including raffle entry to win XBT every fortnight.
  • Margin against trading pairs on Globe’s exchange, providing greater collateral for increased position size.
  • Weekly buyback and burn until 50% of GDT supply has been removed from circulation.
  • For applications to be considered valid, all applications must adhere to the SUPER PAID WHITELIST RULES, must pass the KYC process, and adhere to each project’s specific KYC requirements and country restrictions which varies per project on a case to case basis. For a list of Globe specific restricted KYC countries check HERE.

About Globe

Globe is a crypto derivatives exchange where institutions and consumers transact digital currencies like bitcoin via perpetual futures contracts. Perpetual futures are a derivative product that tracks the underlying index price. They’re in high demand as they enable hedging and risk management, short exposure and trading with leverage.



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